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In the traditional fishing communities we work with, fishermen wake up every morning and hit the open ocean to do what they love. Sea to Table brings the flavorful, wild, domestic seafood they catch right to your door – cleaned, flash frozen, and ready to cook.
Coho Salmon
Also known as Silver Salmon for its shiny skin, Coho is incredibly versatile with a mild, clean taste.
Wild Gulf Shrimp
Wild Gulf Shrimp is abundant and delicious, with a clean and sweet flavor that can’t be beat.
Pacific Cod
Abundant in the Gulf of Alaska, this well known Cod has pearly white meat with firm flakes.
Sockeye Salmon
A favorite of Alaska fishermen, Sockeye has vibrant red flesh and a distinct salmon flavor.
Acadian Redfish
This deepwater New England classic has bright red skin and flaky meat that is slightly sweet.

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