$10 OFF THIS WEEK! (reg price $160)

$10 OFF THIS WEEK! (reg price $160)

Sweet & Succulent Seafood Set

$138.00$150.00 per pack (16 Servings)


Succulent, decadent … call it what you will, this collection is packed with the sweetest, richest flavors the sea has to offer, and more often found in the best restaurants than your own kitchen. No need to wait for a proper celebration to Celebrate America’s Seafood, and at just around $9 per serving you can eat the very best more often. Lucious Maine Lobster Tails, Silky smooth Atlantic Winter Skate and sweet, sweet Atlantic Sea Scallops not only all come from the cold waters of New England, but are curated to match their fancy flavors.

Includes the following 16 servings:

Maine Lobster Tails – two packs (four 4-5oz tails)

• Atlantic Winter Skate – three 12oz packs (six 6 oz. servings)

Atlantic Sea Scallops – three 10oz packs (six 5 oz. servings)

v-icon Wild Caught
v-icon Traceable
v-icon Domestic
v-icon Sustainable
x-icon Never Farmed
x-icon No Hormones or GMOs
x-icon No Antibiotics
x-icon Not Processed Overseas