Off the Carolina Coast – October 9, 2016

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Last week S2T’s Sean Dimin and Travis Riggs flew into Jacksonville FL and drove the coast to Beaufort NC. They met several shellfish farmers, shrimpers and fishermen along the way and we should have some great new contacts to start working with soon.


From right to left Google Chef Charlie Frisco, Sean Dimin, Travis Riggs, and the Blue Ocean Market crew.


Charlie Frisco displays affection to an Amberjack on the dock in Beaufort


Travis picks up the story:

“On Friday we met with our buddy Capt David Tucker at Beaufort and Google Chef Charlie Frisco to go fishing. We left from Jack Cox’s (Dave’s partner at Blue Ocean Market) house on Atlantic Beach where they dock their 30 foot Privateer center console. We ran out about 20 miles to a wreck in 45 foot of, water pulling up bait traps along the way. We anchored up on on the spot and started catching Amberjacks right away. David has a system where he fishes 2 large rods (bent but 80 internationals if you want to look it up) fishing in pairs, one person on the rod the other gaffing and getting the fish on ice. Once one team got a fish to the surface keeping the school at the boat and the other would pitch their bait and hook up. The first fish would get gaffed and a few swings to the head with a aluminum bat and the cycle would repeat.

We filled the boat with 1000 pounds of 40-50# AJs within an hour’s time. As we were catching, weather started moving in. David pitched a bait and the slack line caught around the handle of the reel. As David went to fix the tangle, an AJ hit the bait, wrapping the very small diameter branded line around his index finger and cinched it to the bone. We quickly grabbed the line to stop the fish from stripping his finger and cut the line. At the same time a storm decided to open up. Within seconds of him cutting his finger we had torrential rain and 35 mile an hour winds. We quickly wrapped the finger, pulled the anchor, made sure David had cold beer for the ride in, and hauled ass the best we could home.

Sean Dimin and Chef Charlie Frisco with a big boy Wahoo


Travis Riggs and Chef Charlie dueling Amberjacks


On the way in David called his wife and told her he cut his finger off and he needed her to meet us at the unloading dock to pick him up at get him to the hospital. Talking on the phone while running back in the wind and rain with his cut finger, his wife seemed more interested in how many fish he caught then being concerned whether she would have a 9.5 fingered husband. A true fisherman’s wife.

Once we got to the dock David ran to the hospital and Sean, Charlie, and I unloaded the fish. We then ran David’s boat back to Jack’s house with limited visibility from the pouring rain. Got back using the GPS, and baited his traps.

David is all good, and was out gaffing AJs two days later.”

All the best,

from the Dimin Family and the Sea to Table team

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