Protecting Fishermen and Chefs – August 14, 2016

By August 14, 2016Fishery Management

NOAA Fisheries published a final rule last week establishing regulations to integrate the collection of trade documentation within the International Trade Data System, effective next month. With imports currently more than 90 percent of U.S. seafood supply, these trade monitoring programs are a crucial tool for NOAA to stop illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishery products from entering the United States.

In 2016 the FDA has refused more seafood from entering the US market, mostly driven by higher rejections of shipments for filth, a 29 percent increase from 2015. Last year illegal antibiotics residues in shrimp were a significant reason for rejections. These actions not only protect American consumers, but American fishermen and the traditional communities they support.

Our friend Miguel at Point Castillo, CA runs a legendary abalone and kelp farm, and lands finfish dayboats of extraordinary quality, like this video of Captain Eric landing at the dock. Last week Miguel said his White Seabass looked “primo”. They are sushi grade and are amazing raw, “like a just ripened avocado” .

Just down the road the Santa Barbara dock is landing buoy caught Swordfish. This is a new experimental fishing method very popular in south Florida that fishermen are playing with in California. They fish 1-2 days landing very high quality fish by hand. Everything is landed alive with no habitat destruction making it an uber sustainable fishing method.

Captain Eric on the dock in Castillo Point, California with a cooler of Rockfish


Beaufort, NC Red Porgy prepared by Lucky Bee Chef Matty Bennett a for a VIP dinner on NYC’s Lower East Side. Steamed Whole Red Porgy, Ginger, Scallion, Sesame, House Chili Oil


Today’s New York Times published a story on seafood traceability prominently featuring Sea to Table. “To us, the secret is traceability,” Mr. Dimin said. “If you can shine a light on where it came from, you can make informed decisions.”

The inaugural Taste Talks Awards will take place on Monday, September 26th at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and the nominees were announced last week. Each of the 28 national and regional categories has five nominees across three verticals: Restaurant and Chef Awards, Media Awards, and Innovation Awards. and Sea to Table is honored to have been nominated for Best Environmental, Agricultural, or Sustainable Innovation. More than a dozen of our chef and restaurant partners have also been nominated in various categories, and we are humbled to be included in such stellar company.

And our quote of the week comes from the boys on the dock in Fulton, TX: “Tell those fancy restaurants that Texas fish are as a realio as armadilios.”

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