Ever more folks want to eat better fish – July 24, 2016

It is being reported far and wide that more and more people are realizing that fish is the healthy protein choice. In fact, five percent of American consumers who eat fish and shellfish once a month or more do so because they follow a pescetarian/flexitarian diet (in which they primarily eat a plant-based diet but occasionally eat meat), according to global market and research firm Mintel. “We have seen that health-conscious people describe their diets as being mostly plant-based, with adding fish and shellfish a couple of times a week,” said Linda Cornish, executive director of Seafood Nutrition Partnership.

Much of the fast growth of seafood popularity is due to progressive chefs introducing their guests to the many underloved species landing every day in fishing communities all around the country. In the Southeast, the Omni Hotel group is expanding their seafood offerings. Chef Andrew Gruel is opening new Slapfish operations well beyond his Southern California base. Even the National Restaurant Association is recognizing that sustainable seafood is catch of the day. Healthy, delicious, abundant and affordable is a tough combination to beat.


Boston Mackerel on the F/V Kathryn T


At the dock in Green Harbor, MA


Gotta love crazy technology. On Friday the S2T Brooklyn office team hooked up on a Google hangout with a dozen S2T teammates around the country, and invited Captain Christian Berardi out of Green Harbor, MA who fishes for mackerel. With each speaker filling the big screen, it felt like being on MSNBC. Chris runs the F/V Kathryn T, along with his brother, a two man show for their dayboat caught fish. They are all hook and line, 30 hook rigs, and take great pride in supporting a fishery that has little to no by-catch. Chris unloads in Green Harbor and processes his catch in New Bedford before it heads to our chefs. We’ve been getting his beautiful fish for some weeks and now have this valuable direct connection for great information. We are working with our New Bedford processor to fillet and blast freeze these amazing, heart-healthy, delicious Boston Mackerel for chefs to enjoy year round.


Rock Crab Claws on the dock in Santa Barbara, CA


By-catch Octopus with fresh market veggies at Los Angeles' L&E Oyster Co.

By-catch Octopus with fresh market veggies at Los Angeles’ L&E Oyster Co.


Alaska’s salmon season is about to transition from Sockeye to Coho, and the fish has been pristine. Our new partners in San Diego and Santa Barbara are now landing beautiful Tuna and Swordfish. It is shaping up as a banner summer on all our coasts. Enjoy the season.

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from the Dimin Family and the Sea to Table team

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