Party in the Windy City – May 22, 2016

A team from Sea to Table is right now in Chicago at the National Restaurant Association show. It is our first time exhibiting as we hope to share our message of supporting traditional American fishing communities with an ever widening audience. If you happen to be in Chicago, please stop by Booth 9146 and say hello.

This was an important week in the worldwide fight against IUU fishing and seafood slavery as the Port States Measures Agreement was ratified. With 30 nations on board, the agreement will officially enter into force on June 5, 2016, giving countries that have joined the agreement the necessary tools to prevent the offloading and sale of IUU fishing products.


The crew of the Waabi Maang (White Loon) lifting nets for Lake Trout on Grand Traverse Bay (Lake Michigan) before landing in Muskegon, MI


The F/V Saint Anthony out of Montauk, NY


Our Alaska fisherman turned NYC fishmonger Jacob Tupper took Exec. Chef Jean Delgado of Irvington in Union Square’s W Hotel to visit the dock at Montauk, NY where much of the fish he serves lands. Jean brought his friend videographer Louise Palmberg along and she produced this excellent short. It is great to close the loop between fisherman and chef, to clearly see both ends of the chain.


These soft shell blue crabs were fighting mad after travelling from the dock at Crisfield, MD to Vin48 in Avon, CO. Chef Charles Hays said the crab on the lid was spitting at him defiantly as he took the photo. Chefs are noting our soft shells are MANY DAYS fresher than what they’re used to.


@ Olivers Public House in Madison, WI: Soft shell sliders, fried crab, grilled scallion aioli, avocado, arugula, squishy buns


The season is heating up in the Chesapeake as Blue Crabs are resurgent. Chefs all around the country are raving about the fresh soft shells. Check this amazing video of a blue crab molting from its shell. Chef Joel Harrington of Oak in Dallas, TX took Blowfish tails, Black Sea Bass and Steamer clams from Crisfield, MD and created a most interesting dish on one plate. Looks delicious.

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from the Dimin Family and the Sea to Table team

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