Bloomberg Business published an engaging infographic of the US Labor Dept study of America’s deadliest jobs. Commercial fishing topped the list by a wide margin, and another study in Alaska is looking at the long term health issues of fishermen. The families of traditional fishing communities deserve our support.

In Southeast Asia the scandal surrounding slavery and piracy in the fishing industry continues to heat up. Refugees from Bangladesh and Myanmar are finding themselves as slave labor on pirate boats and shrimp farms. Indonesian authorities, under the threat of a “red card” from the European Union for all seafood, have begun cracking down on pirate fishing vessels in their waters.  Indonesia sank a large Chinese vessel as well as 40 other foreign boats that had been caught fishing illegally in the country’s waters, a move likely to spark a strong reaction from Beijing and other regional capitals. “This is not a show of force. This is just merely (us) enforcing our laws,” Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti was quoted as saying by The Jakarta Post.

Under the subject of all the things we learned that were wrong, scientist have now identified the first warm blooded fish. In a paper published in Science, researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) describe the unique mechanism that enables the opah, a deepwater predatory fish, to keep its body warm. Continuing under sea creatures with an ‘o’, octopus never cease to amaze. Evolutionary biologists Desmond Ramirez and Todd Oakley of the University of California, Santa Barbara have determined they can see with their skin. Not to mention that in the Gulf of Mexico they have learned to hunt in packs and figured out how to open stone crab traps for their dinner.

  The Indonesian Navy destroys foreign fishing vessels caught fishing illegally in waters near North Sulawesi (Reuters)

Becky Gabriele and Tom Kacherski from Crew Restaurant in Poughkeepsie, NY, with Sea to Table’s Maria de la Motte (center).

Our Maria de la Motte took a visit last week to the burgeoning food scene in New York’s Hudson Valley. Chef/Owner Tom Kacherski and Chef de Cuisine Becky Gabriele run Crew in Poughkeepsie from a modest strip mall where they grow their own herbs and tomatoes in the parking lot. Until finding Sea to Tale,  they described getting seafood in Poughkeepsie as a nightmare. Maria reports “now they say we are ‘an absolute pleasure’ to work with and that they look forward to ordering fish every week knowing that I am willing to talk to them for twenty minutes if need be to answer their questions. The staff was equally excited and people even came in on their day off for the FOH talk.” Becky is very proud to have recently received Yelp acclaim as “The Fish Master” for her preparations of Bay Port, MI catfish and whitefish.

Truck Restaurant in Bedford NY is absolutely loving their new brown shrimp from Galveston, TX. They say the flavor is just incredible. Nancy Roper, the owner, didn’t serve fish until she met Maria two summers ago, and now the fish taco is one of their most popular items, along with the shrimp taco and the Bristol Bay sockeye salmon burrito.

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